Babies cry due to a host of reasons. If your young one is crying and you are unaware of the reasons which may be precipitating this, work your way down this list and you will find something to help you deal with the situation.


This is perhaps the first thing that should ring into your mind when a baby cries. Learning how to recognize signs of hunger will assist you to start feeding your baby before the little one starts crying. Some common signs exhibited by newborns at this stage encompass; smacking of lips, fussing, putting their hands into their mouth and rooting.

Need for sleep

Generally, people think babies are lucky because they can simply go to sleep anywhere at any time when they feel tired. In reality, it is often very difficult for them than people think. Instead of them nodding off, they may fuss and start crying especially if they are very tired.

Dirty diaper

Some newborns let you know promptly when they feel uncomfortable with their diapers. Other newborns can tolerate dirty diapers for some time. Either way, this is simple to remedy and easy to check.

Stomach troubles like colic, gas etc.

Stomach problems associated with colic or gas can precipitate baby crying. As a matter of fact, colic can cause baby crying for up to three weeks. If a baby fusses and cries even after being fed, it is most likely he or she is feeling stomach pain.

Need to be held

The little ones require lots of cuddling. Babies like hearing their parent’s voices, listening to their parent’s heartbeats, detecting their unique smells and even seeing their faces. They sometimes cry in a bid to be held close.

Need to slump

Burping is not a must. However, if your little one cries after feeding, perhaps a good burp is all he wants. Babies often swallow air during breastfeeding or sucking from bottles, when this air is not released, it may lead to discomfort. Babies may behave differently to this.

Too hot or too cold

When babies’ cloths are removed during diaper change or when their bottom is being cleaned with cold wipes, they feel chilly and they may cry as a sign of protest. Babies like to be kept warm. Young ones will less likely complain when they are too warm as opposed to when they are too cold.


Teething can be very painful because the new teeth will be pushing through the young gums. Some little ones suffer a lot more than others; however, all will mostly likely be fussy and cry at some point. If you notice your little one seems to be feeling a lot of pain and you are unsure about what may be causing that, try feeling his or her gums with a finger and you may discover a tooth popping out.

Something small

Some babies are very sensitive to things such as scratchy fabric or clothing tags. Sometimes babies are troubled by things which may be very difficult to spot such as hair tightly wrapped around a small finger or toe cutting off circulation of blood.

It is the above reasons together with others which cause baby crying.


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