Sooner or later the babies begin to take powdered milk, and not every woman is fortunate to be able to breastfeed her child for many months, so when this happens, this apprehension of baby milk powder of choosing comes in .

The most important and understand the difference between the formulas, since the market for baby milk powder does not stop growing and sometimes it gets hard for childs mother especially for the “first trip” to make the correct choice. Here are some tips to help while making the choice:

1) Preterm formula milk

This is the milk powder prescribed for premature babies or low birth weight. The Preterm and concentrate so that all the vitamins and nutrients that the baby needs at this early stage are absorbed in the small amount feedings.

2) First Stage formula milk

It is given from birth, when possible and not breastfeeding. Contains all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and easy digestion for a baby in the early months. And made from modified cow’s milk and can be used up to 12 months.

3) Second Stage formula milk

It is indicated for hungrier babies and only those who seem not satisfied with the First Stage formula milk. This formula contains different proteins, which let the baby feed longer. And an alternative for babies who are not yet old enough to make baby food (weaning). Always consult your midwife before entering the Second Stage.

4) Follow-on formula milk

Suitable for babies from 6 months. Its formula contains addition of more vitamins, proteins, minerals and probiotics to aid digestion. Also based on a modification of cow’s milk, and used when babies start eating baby food, providing all necessary for this phase transition nutrients.

5) Soya-based formula milk

They are indicated for infants with intolerance to cow’s milk. And made from grains and soy formula contains a protein, vitamins and necessary minerals for complete nutrition of the baby. It should not be used without medical monitoring and midwife, especially if the baby is a boy, since that is not recommended (I will write about that in another topic).

6) Cow’s milk

Can be used from the first year of the baby. Before that, according to medical research, it is not advisable since it’s the babies digestive system is not yet mature enough to digest the complexity of proteins contained in milk.

In almost all countries, manufacturers of infant milk powder are strictly regulated, so you will be able to make sure that the chosen brand is indifferent, your baby will have the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

At first, you may notice that your baby is not very happy with this milk chosen, it happens often, not feel guilty, only to choose another brand. However, it is indicated you make on the the return of baby milk powder, since the baby had become accustomed to the taste and consistency of milk. Some brands of milk, will have a thicker consistency than others, the reason for this and the baby swallow less air when breastfeeding, avoiding problems of gas or cramps.

Another option, for moms concerned with additives and chemicals used in conventional production, are organic brands, which nowadays is becoming popular.Anyway, any concern or doubt about brands or types of milk powder should always be discussed with your midwife. They always will be the ideal place to ask for some advice, since it has great expertise in one area.


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