Breast milk is the ultimate food source of the growth and development of the infant; it also has numerous benefits of helping the mother maintain a healthy long life. When the benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom are well considered it is then that it becomes clear to many people on the reasons why there are multiple organizations that emphasize and carry out awareness about the importance of breast-feeding. Moreover mothers are encouraged to breast feed their babies for the first six months because this is where exponential growth is taking place and the infant is prone to diseases and infections. Some of the benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom include

Breastfeeding Boosts Brain Power

The fatty acid DHA is plenty in breast milk, it helps in stimulating brain function and improves cognitive memory. While in some scenarios it is replicated in infant formula, however this is not easily absorbed in the less technical stomach of the infants therefore making it less effective. Studies indicate that there is a strong bond formed when the mother breast feeds the baby and may contribute to improved intelligence of the baby. The bong gives the infant the courage to explore the world safely and improves the ability to learn with ease.

Protection from illnesses

Breast-feeding other pass essential antibodies to their infants via the breast milk helping them boost their immunity levels. The antibodies are vital in accentuating the baby’s immune system to develop and advance to fight further infections therefore preventing them from getting ill. The suction that is associated with latching of the baby on the breasts helps in clearing the air passages and ears therefore preventing infant ear and nose infections.

Reducing risk of depression

Postpartum depression, which may range from mild to severe affects over 68% of new mothers annually. The effects of this kind of depression may cause danger to the baby and the mother. Breast-feeding on the other hand releases the hormone oxytocin into the mother’s bloodstream, normally associated with euphoria, emotions, and happy feelings. These calming hormones are effective in dealing with postpartum depression in a natural, safe, and effective way.

Reducing risk of cancer

According to studies women who breast feed for at least one year have their chances of developing cancer reduced by five times. The link is associated with reduction of hormone estrogen during breast feeding, high levels of estrogen due to lack of breast-feeding is associated with some cancers.

Customized mineral rich and nutritious food

Breast milk is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are well processed and can be easily absorbed to the bloodstream. The mothers body acts as the sensor to the environment and makes adjustments to the fat content, particular antibodies and water content needed to keep the baby healthy and enhance growth and development. When mothers breastfeed the children they give them the best and natural food source possible which is important in boosting growth , brain development and immunity of the infants. In summary, there are numerous benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom vital for infants and the mothers as well.


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