Knowing the early signs of pregnancy is very important in that it helps women to know the time to start prenatal follow ups. Women who get to realize this signs will be able to on some certain that will benefit the growth and development the foetus.

These early signs may appear several days before your missed period, sometimes eight days after fertilization, they both a physical expression, but also an emotional expression. Some women experience them quickly, and others will be pressing their pregnancy until the first day of your missed period. The following the list of possible indication of pregnancy.

1) Small vaginal bleeding

Once fertilized the egg by a sperm, the embryo now runs through the tubes and implant in the uterus wall in 6-12 days. This deployment can cause a small uterine bleeding, which is often confused with a period that is coming.

Because this bleeding usually occurs close to the time when menstruation is expected, some women treat menstruation that came as a weak and do not even know that this is the first sign of her pregnancy.

The implantation of the egg in the womb is just one of several causes of vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. Over 20% of pregnant women have some vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. So if you’re trying to conceive and period presents different from usual, be careful, because this can be a sign of early pregnancy.

2) Abdominal pain or cramps

Besides a slight bleeding, early pregnancy can cause some discomfort in the lower abdomen, sometimes a feeling of swelling in the belly, mimicking the symptoms that arise days before menstruation.

During pregnancy, the uterus undergoes constant changes, including size, which stimulates the appearance of some uterine contractions, the woman felt as cramping. It is also a common feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen.

As the pregnancy progresses, mild uterine contractions may become more common, which is a kind of training to the uterus when the time of getting true during labor.

These troublesome and cramping in early pregnancy, when associated with vaginal bleeding, may well deceive pregnant, making them think that menstruated.

Attention: colic as vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy tend to be much less intense than those that occur in menstruation truth.

3) Menstrual delay

The delay of menstruation is the classic sign of pregnancy. It is usually the sign that makes a woman to take a test to know if you are pregnant.

However, not all women feel easy to recognize this symptom of pregnancy. Some women have very irregular menstrual cycles, inclusive, with periods of anovulation (not ovulate during a month), so that there is almost two months period between one and another. Moreover, as explained above, the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not a rare event, causing the cessation of menstruation is not immediately identified.

Importantly, menstruation can be delayed for various reasons other than pregnancy, including, stress, infections, contraceptive exchange, the weight changes, fatigue … The very expectation by menstruation, when the woman does not want no way to get pregnant, but if neglected having unprotected sex can cause a missed period.

4) Changes in the appearance of breasts

In addition to increased volume and pain, the hormones produced during pregnancy are the breasts of pregnant change your appearance. There is often darkening of nipples and appearance of the veins around the breasts. These changes last until the end of breastfeeding.

5) Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy usually appear between the 6th and the 12th week of gestation. However, there are women who exhibit these symptoms since the 2nd or 3rd week of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting are typical of the first trimester of pregnancy symptoms and tend to disappear in the second quarter. In some cases, nausea of ​​pregnancy are so intense that women cannot even feed themselves. Severe cases requiring medical support, are called hyperemesis gravidarum.

6) Constipation

The increased production of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy causes some organs and tissues of the body become more “loose” or “relaxed”. This is to facilitate the large volume expansion of the uterus that is to come. One of the organs that suffers this action are the intestines, which are less capable of contracting, having more difficulty in maintaining normal intestinal transit. Therefore, a symptom of pregnancy is little commented constipation.

7) Abdominal swelling – swollen belly

You swore that until last week jeans that fit just super, and now, suddenly, the pants no longer closes the belly. Even when the fetus is still too small to cause expansion of the uterus, some women may notice some swelling in the abdominal region, which already occurs as preparing the body to support uterine growth. This swelling is another symptom that can be confused with premenstrual symptoms.

8) Aversion to strong odors

As well as some foods cause nausea in the first few weeks of pregnancy, intense, even pleasant odors such as perfumes or food, can make you feel sick. Bad odors or very strong, like cigarette smoke, gasoline, alcohol, cleaning agents, etc., cause the same effect.

9) Dizziness

Dizziness is one of those classic symptoms of pregnancy that appear in every movie when the character gets pregnant. Pregnancy hormones cause diverse changes in the body of the woman, which really can cause dizziness, among them are the drop in blood pressure, reducing blood sugar levels, anemia, increased respiratory rate (which can lead to hyperventilation during a physical effort), insufficient diet due to sickness, etc.

In later stages of pregnancy, the uterus great, especially when the woman is lying belly up, can compress the inferior vena cava, reducing the amount of blood that reaches the heart. Therefore, pregnant women should always sleep on the side.

10) Variations of mood

Mood variation is another early sign of pregnancy that everybody has seen in movies. The pregnant woman can cry until when he sees television commercial. Little things can make a disproportionate significance.

Sudden changes of mood are also common, the pregnant woman can go from allergy to sadness or sympathy to explosions of temper with people close to an hour for another. There are cases of pregnant women that even resignation of employment demand.

11) ACNE-blackheads and pimples

Hormonal changes may cause some pregnant women develop acne or have worsening of acne that already had before. In females, acne is much related to imbalances of sex hormones, which cause increased oiliness of the skin. Acne in pregnancy can be mild or severe and can arise at any time in pregnancy.

12) Vaginal discharge

The emergence of vaginal discharge or intensification of your usual discharge are normal early signs of pregnancy. In General, the discharge of pregnancy is equal to the physiological discharge that some women have, being this thick, milky white or transparent, and odorless.


The early signs of pregnancy described above suggest the existence of an ongoing pregnancy, but in no way serve to confirm it or discard it. Some women have only one or two initial pregnancy symptoms, while others may have almost all the symptoms described above. None of the signs or symptoms exposed in this article is unique to pregnancy. Several other diseases or conditions can cause similar symptoms. Therefore, the definitive diagnosis must be obtained, be it in urine or blood.


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